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Holistic Development in Gibsonton, Florida

The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, 6th Edition, with Daily Resources

This is everything teachers need to implement the curriculum in their program: The Foundation and the Daily Resources.

We updated The Foundation to keep pace with new research and the evolving needs of early childhood educators. A brand-new volume, Science and Technology, Social Studies & the Arts, helps teachers encourage children to make and test hypotheses, develop skills for using technology, explore their world and the people in it, and engage their creative thinking skills. We also expanded the Objectives for Development & Learning volume, enabling teachers to see children’s development and learning along a progression across the whole of the early childhood years.

The Daily Resources are teachers key to integrating learning into every part of the day, for every child, in every area of learning. They get the Teaching Guides with plans for every moment of every day. Many of our Teaching Guides are hands-on studies that are relevant to children’s daily lives. These Teaching Guides offer comprehensive daily plans that support teachers as they help every child explore, investigate and learn. They get the Intentional Teaching Cards™ that help them adapt activities for each child and the Mighty Minutes® that help them turn “in-between” time into learning time. And they get a diverse collection of fiction and nonfiction children’s books and the Book Discussion Cards® that help them promote children’s language and literacy learning, and social–emotional development, during read-alouds.

We offer the following:

During break time, we provide nutritious meals for your kids. If your children are avid book lovers, we have a book club organized for them to express their love for literature. And for children in need of help with certain subjects, our preschool in Gibsonton, Florida also offers tutoring sessions.

Should you have other questions about our academic programs and extra-curricular programs, feel free to contact us or set an appointment.