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Be Involved in Your Child’s Learning Journey


Becoming an involved parent in your child’s learning journey is a rewarding endeavor. Your active participation as a parent can make a significant difference in their educational experience. It fosters their growth and development, as well as strengthens your bond.

As a private school in Florida, we at Alford & Ashe Academy, highly emphasize holistic development. We focus on not only academics but also emotional and social growth. To become involved, you can engage with us by participating in parent-teacher meetings and staying informed about your child’s progress. Communicating with teachers and understanding our curriculum can also help you support your child’s learning journey.

In addition, if your child is enrolled in a preschool in Gibsonton, Florida, you can remain involved by encouraging them to participate in activities. You can engage them in conversations about their daily experiences, poke their curiosity, and create a supportive learning environment at home.

Your involvement is even more vital for parents whose children require special education services in Florida. You can collaborate closely with our special education faculty and attend meetings to create individualized plans to meet your child’s needs. Your insights into your child’s strengths and challenges can greatly contribute to crafting effective strategies.

Child development is a multifaceted process, encompassing cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. As an involved parent, you can support each aspect by encouraging well-rounded activities. Foster their interests, engage in discussions about emotions, and encourage physical activity to promote balanced development.

Get involved in your child’s education to achieve holistic development. To get started, call us today!

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